Meeting of the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare of Iraq with the head of SWO

The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare of the Republic of Iraq, at the head of a delegation on a trip to our country, while meeting with the deputy minister and the head of State welfare organization, paid visit from the Shobair nursery in Tehran.

According to Public Relations and International Affairs, Ali Mohammad Qadri in this meeting, mentioning to the 43rd anniversary establishment of the Welfare Organization of the country stated that: this organization is responsible for more than 160 missions in various specialized fields of prevention, rehabilitation and social affairs.

Referring to the activity of social emergency in the country, he said: Iran is one of the countries that has a social emergency platform which works independently of medical emergency units.

Pointing out that more than 19,000 people directly and more than 100,000 people indirectly render services to the target community of the Welfare Organization, he added: these services are distributed throughout the country.

The head of State welfare organization stated that the services of this organization are available from before birth to old age in the country and said: screening tests and prevention of disabilities before and during birth and services to people who are in the golden age of treatment interventions for hearing disabilities are some of these services which is rendered in SWO.

He also proposed cooperation for the presence of social emergency during Arbaeen days to provide counseling and intervention services for people with disabilities and other people.

In this meeting, Ahmed Jassim Al-Asadi, the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare of the Republic of Iraq, pointing out that the welfare organization of this country was established in 2017, added: this organization render different services for 14 target groups including female headed households, elderly women, people with disability, orphans, women of prisoners.

He said: 1,800,000 families with a household size of 6 million people in Iraq receive services such as monthly assistance according to the people, help for the education of students and students of the children of the covered families.

He said: 6 million people in Iraq receive different services such as monthly allowances according to their individual needs, help with the education of students.

Al-Asadi pointed out that Iran’s SWO provides wider and more services to households and said: we want to benefit from the experiences of this organization and exchange our experiences in different areas.

The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare of the Republic of Iraq also said that taking part in Arbaeen is a social activity that the elderly and others are involved in and in this line welfare activity can be very effective in this march and we hope that through the coordination of the Arbaeen headquarters in Iraq and Iran provide services to people.

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