Inauguration of standard isolation room in welfare rehabilitation and care center of Kahrizak

During a ceremony in presence with Dr. Mikiko Senga, deputy resident representative of the World Health Organization, the standard isolation room in the rehabilitation and boarding care center of Kahrizak, Alborz province was inaugurated on Wednesday June 7, 2023.

According to the report of public relations and international affairs; Mikiko Senga, the deputy representative of the World Health Organization in this ceremony, while appreciating the members of the steering committee, the project members and all the colleagues and employees of the welfare organization stated that : two years of intense activity in the most difficult conditions of Corona era and in order to improving the access of the elderly and disabled people and in cooperation with the European Union, many efforts have been made to receive funds for equipping the standard isolation rooms of boarding care rehabilitation centers in Iran.

She added: Among other achievements of this joint cooperation can mention to accessibility of 12000 of resident of rehabilitation care center to standard improved services as well as training of 150 personnel of these centers.

Senga said: The important point in this joint cooperation is the multi-sectoral coordination of different organizations, which is commendable and noteworthy. Because such achievements are not possible without effective coordination and cooperation. Also, the UN's focus in the coming years is on people with disabilities and it is very important for us to do these activities for vulnerable people.

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