Deputy Minister and Head of SWO released a message

The deputy minister and head of state welfare organization on the occasion of April 2 and World Autism Awareness Day, said: the services of state welfare organization are in the form of setting up 110 daily educational and rehabilitation centers for autism spectrum disorders and 16 multi-disability centers (using autism) and With around 1,500 specialized personnel, around 5,000 people with autism spectrum disorders are defined and the service package of the organization is completed with the activities of 4 temporary accommodation centers, 399 vocational training centers, 127 supportive production workshops, 16 career support centers and 103 home care centers

According to the report of public relations and international affairs, the text of this message is as follows;

Autism spectrum disorder is the most common developmental disorder and one of the serious and costly disorders that affects a person's ability to communicate, behavior and interaction and requires continuous specialized services of psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Every year on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated to encourage United Nations Member States to take action to help raise awareness about people with autism spectrum disorder. World Autism Awareness Day is a day to increase the awareness of society about this disorder, because only awareness can lead to its acceptance. This day is important to spread the message that the problem is not the individual's disability, but the society's view of his abilities and to believe that people with autism are just different, rather than accepting "uniqueness" and "being different". Let's unite and be able to accept and understand people with autism.

So on this day, we come together to celebrate all the special people in our community. Maybe some of them can't answer your message yet, but they feel your heart feelings. Let's honor them and make more people aware of autism to make this world a better place for all of us.

In the Welfare Organization, we seek to play a good role in changing the attitudes of other people toward persons who suffer from this disorder. We are proud that with all our organizational knowledge and the cooperation of social partners, nongovernmental institutions, scientific centers and experts have added to the richness of service programs to this group of target community.

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