National media campaign for the prevention of addiction "Aware parent, Safe child"

The head of State welfare organization at the opening ceremony of national media campaign of prevention named “"Aware parent, safe child" emphasized on mental health in preventive and cultural measures and said that drug use is a very big and important problem.

"Ali Mohammad Qadri", head of state welfare organization, stated that in the national media campaign for the prevention of addiction "Aware parent, safe child", we are trying to inform and protect parents and children, and said: "The issue of drug use is a very big and important issue and considering that this harm is one of the 5 most important harms of the country, we should be able to take good preventive measures in this field, and the institutions that are members of the cultural and prevention committee of the anti-narcotics headquarters should have more synergies and emphasized on the issue of mental health along with preventive and cultural measures.

Farhad Aqtar, Vice President of Addiction Prevention and Treatment of Addiction Prevention and Treatment Development Center of the National Welfare Organization, stated: Based on the researches that have existed since the 80s, all over the world, the basis of programs in the field of addiction is prevention, which can be in line with reduce the incidence and prevalence of addiction; In the past few years, there has been a sharp drop in prevention credits both in the headquarters and in the Ministry of Interior, and the most credits received are in the area of Article 16, which does not exceed 80,000 people; this year, the head of state welfare organization increased the amount of addiction prevention in the organization's credits and reached a ceiling that has been a high ceiling since 2016.

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