Deputy minister and Head of SWO released a message

On the occasion of the research week (December 19 to 25): The head of the state welfare organization in a message said that the rapid changes and shifting of the frontiers of knowledge are taking place at a high speed, and this is felt in a special way in the field of welfare and well-being.

According to the report of public relations and international affairs, the context of this message is as follows;

The missions and goals of the state welfare organization require that the solutions and actions of this organization to provide the desired services to the target community by relying on scientific, efficient and evidence-based methods. This will save resources, satisfy the target community, improve productivity, innovate in services, avoid rework, and bring familiarity, ability, and mastery of all expert and managerial bodies of the organization to current knowledge in mission areas.

The meaning of research in organizations and executive bodies is that all employees participate in decision-making process, preparing and communicating guidelines and instructions with a research perspective.

Today, changes and rapid displacement of the boundaries of knowledge are taking place at a high speed in the field of welfare and well-being, and this is felt in a special way. Therefore, in order to render timely services, the research department can manage the response according to the needs.

Identifying, understanding, interpreting and applying knowledge and recognizing its usefulness in the organization's programs is necessary. Although the main emphasis is on the production of knowledge, but the recognition of useful knowledge and its application requires a coherent, creative and innovative intellectual system to be able to make the important matter of research in the executive field, flow and current. It is obvious that the implementation of the four axes of popularization, transparency, intelligence and efficiency, as the basic strategies of state welfare organization, requires employees and a knowledge-oriented organization.

Now, on the occasion of the arrival of "Research and Technology Week", I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all the knowledge-oriented colleagues of the state welfare organization and wish the best happiness for you.

 Ali Mohammad Ghaderi

Deputy minister and Head of SWO

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