Deputy Minister and Head of SWO released a message

Dr. Ali Mohammad Ghaderi, Deputy minister and Head of State Welfare Organization, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day issued a message as follows:

In the name of God’,

“Mental Health and well-being for all as a global priority”  

Today, mental health is considered as one of the main criteria for evaluating the health of a society, therefore providing and maintaining the mental health of members of the society is very important. In addition to being an individual need, it also has different family and social dimensions. The optimal functioning of the society requires having people who benefit from optimal mental health.

Among the goals of mental health is increasing personal efficiency, intervening in crises and increasing individual and social well-being, the importance of mental health and its role in productivity and social dynamism and the growth and prosperity of the country is not hidden from anyone, and it is one of the requirements to achieve sustainable development. therefore, it should be placed at the top of the actions of those in charge and policy makers, and all those involved, including public and private activists, associations and social groups, experts and experts, should be coordinated and integrated in a synergistic act in order to achieve this.

Due to provide more access to people in the community and achieve justice in health, this organization is trying to meet the mental health needs of the community by designing and implementing various programs. , strengthening social skills, active psychosocial interventions are used, whose goals include public access to mental health services, strengthening standards, supporting vulnerable groups and needing special support at different levels of prevention and social care, which total The efforts made in the field of mental health approach this as a priority for everyone and in line with global measures.

Also, since the mental health of the family is very important as the basis of the mental health of the individual and the society, the effort to improve the health of families by implementing family-based programs and empowering them is at the forefront of the actions of this organization. In the meantime, the role of mental health associations and associations and related social groups is very important in order to develop programs, remove discrimination from certain groups and create social discourse regarding mental health and improve its indicators.

At the end, I would like to congratulate all mental health workers, especially psychologists, counselors, and other colleagues of this organization, as well as associations, NGOs and all experts who are on the path of improving the mental health of society.

 I sincerely appreciate you and ask God for your health and success.

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