Ambassador of Japan and Representative of UNFPA paid a visit from Quds Elderly and Disabled Complex

Kazuyoshi Aikawa, Ambassador of Japan to Iran, Dr.Doraiswamy, and UNFPA Representative in Tehran with a group of State welfare organization's staffs paid a visit from Quds Elderly and Disabled Complex on Monday September 5. In this visit, they discussed about creating a plan to create capacity for developing skills and earning income and entrepreneurship and creating entertainment to improve the mental and emotional condition of the elderly.

During this visit, Ambassador of Japan to Iran, Kazutoshi Aikawa, while appreciating the founders and active institutions, considered the Quds Complex to be a very useful unit and said: seeing the smiling faces and very happy spirit of the people kept here had a positive effect on me. Also he added, Japan's elderly population has reached 28% and their average age is 83 years for men and women, and we are also dealing with the problems in this regard.

The Ambassador of Japan in Iran added: UNFPA and the Embassy of Japan will also support this collection, as there has been necessary cooperation in this field before, and we are trying to get more support and expand our activities. Also, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Satya and his very good ideas.

Dr.Doraiswamy, UNFPA Representative in Tehran pointing out that the issue of population aging is a global issue, he said: 30% of the world's population will be elderly by 2050, which can be looked at in two ways either as a problem and challenge or as an opportunity.

He said: I am declaring our commitment to help these programs from here, and the Japanese government has always given us a lot of supporting, but it is not always about financial assistance, but also technical help and the best models and ideas. We can implement it and we will definitely follow it.

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