Payment of the first pension insurance for female-headed of households with a job

The head of the State welfare organization in a press conference with the media on the eve of the 42nd anniversary of the establishment of the welfare organization announced the reclassification of welfare clients and said: if this internal decimalization is linked to the welfare system of the relevant ministry, we will no longer have clients covered in the 10th decile.

According to Public Relations and International Affairs, Ali Mohammad Qadri, Head of State welfare organization, said in a press conference with the media on the eve of the 42nd anniversary of the establishment of welfare, that based on the sustainable development of the country, the growth and improvement of welfare and social health indicators and efforts for welfare It is a national duty for the members of the society to fulfill the needs of the disadvantaged and the resilience and justice-centered and social responsibility well.

The head of State welfare organization stated: we are grateful to God that in this short time the concern of our colleagues in improving the level of knowledge of the organization and improving productivity and creating new opportunities for better and timely service and creating a new chapter of the fundamental changes of the organization in line with the development of plans and compiling plans for the comprehensive welfare and social security system.

He said: Re-engineering of the organization's structural processes is on our agenda and the quality of the service delivery process has started. This organization is a relief, specialized and supportive organization, and we believe that during this time we will be able to untangle the knots of people who are known as service recipients in the large society of the welfare organization.

In response to the question about the actions of the organization in the field of working and street children, he said: welfare organization, as an organization that deals with the issue of children's affairs, is one of the most important organizations involved in this issue, but a large part of working and street children are foreigners.  Also he mentioned that due to the war in one of the neighboring countries, some people have entered the country, and some of these families have children who are present in many cities of our country, so that about 87-90% of our working and street children are citizens; Therefore, we cannot start a special program before we have a comprehensive tracking system for birth certificates with minimum identity for children.

The head of state welfare organization pointed to the issue of adaptation and added: Regarding adaptation, for the first time, the organization has facilitated a budget of 3 million dollars, and regarding rehabilitation equipment, this figure has reached twice in the welfare organization. Also, for the first time, the first level hotel for people with disabilities by the benevolent in Mashhad will be put into operation in two months.

The head of state welfare organization continued: This year, female-headed of households who had a job received the first pension insurance. Also, the insurance of mothers and women who support and care for people with disabilities is followed up.

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