Meeting of representatives of Lebanon with Head of SWO

Dr. Abodollah Ahmad. Director General for social welfare of ministry of social affairs of Lebanon and Mohammad alhaj in charge of social security of Hezbollah in continuation of their trip to Iran paid a visit head of state welfare organization and exchanged bilateral viewpoints.

According to the report of public relations and international affairs, Ali Mohamad Ghaderi, deputy minister and head of SWO, in this meeting while appreciated the memory of martyrs of resistant axis of Lebanon said: the nations of Iran and Lebanon from the past have had bilateral common fields in different areas, continues supporting and taking measures.

Ghaderi, in describing a part of state welfare services said that: SWO in 40 years of its activity has taken different plans in numerous areas that one of these plans is the plan of CBR in which the facilitators spontaneously refer to local areas and help the people with disabilities.

He mentioned to the membership of Iran in convention on the rights of people with disabilities and issuing periodic report to United Nations and reiterated that a comprehensive law for people with disabilities in areas of transportations, treatment, empowering and rehabilitation has passed by Iran's parliament.

"Creating good feeling and life expectancy and expanding of such sensation is a great strategy for the nations of Iran and Lebanon, he added.

Also he made remark that, a MOU between Jihad Albana and ministry of labor, cooperatives and social affairs of Iran was inked in which SWO, has no limitation to transfer knowledge and experiences to the nation of Lebanon.

He stated that at present time, the changes form military dimensions has moved into social and economic changes and social harms and continued raising the flag of Hezbollah in Lebanon, has been in line with an accurate hosting to deprived people and standing in front of military invasion, and this act lead to the nation of Lebanon reach a great empowerment in which global arrogance give up in front of Hezbollah.

Head of SWO, while expressing hope to ink a MOU in Moharram month said that the experts of two countries during a period of 130 days can arrange a draft for common plans in form of an action plan.

Dr. Abdollah, Director General for social welfare of ministry of cooperative and social welfare of Lebanon said that the purpose of his trip to Iran is getting more familiarity about the services of state welfare organization and transferring of experiences to nation of Lebanon and continued main goal in government of Lebanon is keeping of dignity of human being.

He mentioned that prevention is a main part in prevention of social harms and said that: if we increase the prevention throughout the society, in fact we will be succeed in decreasing the expenditures of treatment.

He while mentioning measure taking in the field of prevention from childbirth, growth of children, children with disabilities, and prevention from psychological and mentally harms and prevention from addiction in Lebanon said that: 250000 female headed households are under guardianship as well as 102 association are taking care from 18500 people with disabilities.

In charge of social security of Hezbollah said that Hezbollah is a part of Lebanon society practically and has different centers to render services to people.

Mohhmad Alhaj, regarding the issues of Lebanon said that: in our trip to Iran we taking benefit from Iran's experiences to remove health and social issues.

At the end of this meeting introducing some experts from two countries to have continues and online relationship to extend cooperation, health tourism, hospital and rehabilitation centers, training of prevention from social harms were a part of proposed suggestions for bilateral cooperation.   

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