Iran’s president paid a visit from Mallard Addiction Treatment Center

During a visit to the Mallard rehabilitation camp, the president advised the camp's clients to strengthen their will and make a serious decision to quit addiction along with finding a suitable job in order to return to society and live an honorable life.

According to the Presidential Information Center, Ayatollah Dr. Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi on Saturday, coinciding with the anniversary of the martyrdom of Amir Momenan Hazrat Ali (AS) in a mourning ceremony for the clients of this center with condolences on the martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS), said: Dear clients today with the efforts and services of state welfare organization  you as useful members are ready to return to society so that after being cleansed of any addiction, you can be useful for yourself, your family and the human community.

The President called addiction a scourge for addicts and their families and said: "The suffering that the families of addicts suffer from this scourge is very painful." Dr. Ra'isi called on the clients to strengthen their will and make a serious decision to quit addiction and said: "decide decisively on the nights of Ghadr so that you do not go to a calamity called addiction and drugs anymore, and instead of this ugly habit, the habit of earning a lawful living is appropriate." Replace the first time prayer. The president noted: "In this center, good facilities have been provided so that in addition to quitting addiction, you can learn a suitable job and make it a legal business." Ayatollah Ra'isi added: "Today, by learning a suitable job and making a serious decision to quit addiction, you must reassure your family that you are no longer the same person and that you intend to live an honorable life away from any pollution in order to be safe for yourself and your family." Be effective in community safety as well. The president said: "This center is to rebuild your physical and mental condition to be an effective person for your family and community. “Dr.Raisi stressed the need to develop the facilities of this Rehabilitation Camp and said: "The government supports to double the capacity of this center, so that more facilities can be placed next to the clients and more addicts can use the services in this center quit addiction and return to society. The president also visited the clients' job skills and employment training hall and talked to them about their satisfaction with attending the camp.

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