The institution of the family is the most important element of society

At the meeting of the National Headquarters for Women and the Family, the President emphasized on the empowerment of female-headed of households, and stressed on the need to solve the problems of providing them with facilities, and agreed to establish a Guarantee Fund for female headed of households.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, quoting the government's information base, the President in this meeting, referring to the high rank of women in society, stated: Supporting women and the family is one of the priorities of our society today. Repeating of this statement that the problems of women and the family should be solved does not solve the problem only and practical measures should be taken in this regard.

Ayatollah Ra'isi called the institution of the family the most important element of society and noted: "The issue of the family is one of those issues that the enemy has planned to attack, and in return, the family unit should be taken care of by anticipating and preventing dangers in this area."

 Mr. Ra'isi further considered the centrality of the family as one of the principles of Islamic culture and the discourse of the revolution and announced the government's commitment and will to implement supportive policies in various fields in order to strengthen the family institution. Emphasizing the empowerment of women heads of households, the President stressed the need to solve the problems of providing them with facilities and said: women should feel that they are supported in society, especially by the governing system. In this meeting, the members agreed to establish a guarantee fund for female headed of households and to promote the position of the deputy structure and advisors related to women deputies in organizations.

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