Orphaned children are children of Islamic Iran and future makers of country

The President of the Republic fasted on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan in 1401 by attending the nursing home and home of the newborns of Shabir, along with the orphans under the auspices of the Welfare Organization and the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee.

According to the Presidential Information Center, Ayatollah Dr.Seyed Ibrahim Raisi, in a banquet  which was held on Sunday night, congratulated the arrival of the spring of the Qur'an and commemorated its symmetry with the spring of nature, called orphans the children of Islamic Iran and the future makers of the country and advised them with diligence and seriousness in studying science and learning skills, prepare themselves for responsible and fruitful planning for the future of Islamic Iran.

Stating that growth and success require perseverance and the acquisition of knowledge and skills, the President added: "many famous people have achieved remarkable success in deprivation and suffering, and this is a sign for all of us to know that we should never despair of God almighty and let us never give up. Reviewing the virtues and the divine status of the holy month of Ramadan, Dr.Raisi pointed out: We should appreciate all the moments of Ramadan, and no doubt if man establishes a heartfelt relationship with God, God will also arrest him in hardships. The President called justice and protection of the deprived as the identity features of the people's government and said: "According to this and the principles of Islam, we consider the protection of orphaned and abused children as one of our most important duties and these children should be next to other children in this region."

In another part of his speech, addressing the orphans present at the Iftar dinner, the President said: "You are all the children of this country and we are all responsible for serving you and other sections of the honorable nation of Iran." I ask God Almighty to appreciate this opportunity and to be able to serve it as it deserves the honorable nation of Iran. Dr.Raisi added: "Dear young people and adolescents, you should use the opportunity of your youth, to cultivate your soul and build yourself while growing physically and acquiring knowledge, so that in addition to becoming a useful human being for society, you are also a valuable person in the sight of God Almighty. At the end, the President advised the orphans to thank God almighty and pray for their parents and mentors and said: no matter how much you pray for your parents and mentors, God will open the way for you to succeed.

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