Special emphasis of SWO on pursuing employment of Female-headed households in borders areas

The head of SWO, in a meeting of the Welfare Administrative Council of Hormozgan Province reiterated that: "One of the priorities of SWO in the border areas of the country is to discuss employment, especially the employment of women-headed of households."

According to the public relations of Hormozgan Welfare Department, "Ali Mohammad Ghaderi" Deputy Minister and Head of State Welfare Organization along with "Alireza Anglasi" Advisor to the head of SWO and Director General for headquarter department and "Seyed Mohammad Javad Hosseini" Advisor to the Head of Development and Program Supervision , Arrived in Bandar Abbas yesterday evening and attended a meeting of the Welfare Administrative Council of Hormozgan Province.

The head of State welfare organization in this meeting, after listening to the issues raised by the head, deputies and heads of welfare departments of the cities, said:  through the system of suggestions for transformation and skinning, to create a model of service professionals in the province and in all parts of the cities.

He went on to address the challenges of + life centers and stated: These centers were set up with very good goals and more than 2,500 centers across the country have started working as representatives and partners of welfare, but these goals have not been fully achieved and full achievement. To the goals, it requires public effort to work with a positive transformation so that the clients can feel the effect of this service in their lives.

Ghaderi said: "One of the most important goals of setting up +life centers is to provide services that solve a large part of the problems and traffic of people with disabilities by reducing face-to-face visits, and undoubtedly accelerating the provision of services to clients can increase clients' motivation to interact." Be effective with welfare and receiving services.

The head of tState Welfare Organization, referring to the specialized and serious welfare missions in managing Article 16 centers and monitoring social harms according to the law of the Sixth Development Plan.

He declared the discussion of social responsibilities of the province's industries and ports as a turning point in the demands in Hormozgan and said: "Unfortunately, despite the pollution, road accidents and damages caused by these centers in the province, they still have not acted well in discussing social responsibility;" Therefore, the governor and the governorate should be more careful in this regard.

Ghaderi considered welfare management in border provinces, especially Hormozgan, as special and said: "One of the priorities of welfare in these areas is to address employment, especially the employment of women headed of households.

The head of State welfare organization stated that achieving the desired situation in serving the target community and achieving the organization's goals in the short and medium term are among his other plans and added: "Our field plan in the second 6 months of management will be the implementation of short-term plans."

In the end, he expressed his hope that by using the specialized, committed and experienced human resources and the huge capacities and good facilities of the province, we can move forward in creating a desirable and worthy life for the target community. (masculine)

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