Inauguration of welfare projects across country through video conference

Concurrent with the sixth day of the Fajr Decade of the Islamic Revolution, "Ali Mohammad Ghaderi", the head of State Welfare Organization, and the delegation traveled to Ilam province inaugurated a comprehensive center for the socially disadvantaged in this province, as well as inaugurated other welfare projects across the country through video conferencing.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, on the sixth day of the Fajr Decade of the Islamic Revolution, "Ali Mohammad Ghaderi", the head of State Welfare Organization and the delegation left for Ilam province, inaugurated welfare projects across the country in a video conference.

"Ali Mohammad Ghaderi," the head of State Welfare Organization, while commemorating the Fajr holidays, mentioned the support of orphans, prevention of social harms and the abilities of clients as the most important duties and missions of welfare workers and said: “The first step is to treat people properly and be accountable."

The head of state welfare organization stated that the organization's approach is more support for disadvantaged areas, adding: "As a colleague and soldier, I try my best to use the existing capacities for disadvantaged and border areas of the country and a bright future   for deprived people." They are welfare, let's build.

In this ceremony, Ilam Comprehensive Center for the Socially Injured,   5 employment projects for the disabled and clients out of 250   self-employment projects of the target community (people with disabilities, female-headed households, people recovering from addiction and working children) in South Khorasan, the first campus for the elderly, meeting hall Khairsaz Behzisti and 36 residential units for clients in Zanjan province, 65 client housing, 3 housing units for chronically ill patients and Ardabil counseling center, 18 housing units for two-disabled families in Ebrahimabad village, Buin Zahra city, Qazvin province, 174 housing units and 50 employment projects in , 20 residential units in Rudsar city of Gilan province, 202 residential units in Lorestan province, 31 projects in Kahouristan rural district of Khamir city in Hormozgan province, 37 residential units in Markazi province, 51 residential units in Sadat, the target community of Khorasan Razavi province, 163 housing units and 1450 projects Employment and 6 family counseling centers and a mobile welfare center in Isfahan province, 72 residential units in Sanandaj city of Kurdistan province, 88 residential units and a new social emergency building in Shiraz city of Fars province, the fourteenth professional center Education and rehabilitation of East Azerbaijan province and 48 residential units of West Azerbaijan province were inaugurated.

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