Wedding ceremony of 50 deaf couples in Isfahan

The wedding celebration of 50 deaf couples who are under the auspices of Isfahan Welfare organization was held in the presence with the deputy for Rehabilitation affairs of state welfare organisation.

According to the public relations of Isfahan Welfare Office, on Thursday, February 5, the wedding of 50 deaf Isfahani couples with the participation of the Endowment and Charity Department of Isfahan and with the presence of Dr. Asghar Kazemi, Deputy Rehabilitation of Welfare Organization, Dr. Valiollah Nasr, Welfare Director of Isfahan, Seyed Kamal Sedighi, the head of the deputy for welfare rehabilitation of the province, a group of officials and families of these couples was held with indescribable enthusiasm in the assembly hall of the tomb of Allameh Majlisi in Isfahan.

Dr. Asghar Kazemi, Deputy for Rehabilitation of the Welfare Organization, congratulated the Fajr Decade and the holidays of Rajab and the celebration of the couple under the auspices of the organization, and thanked him for inviting him to this marriage celebration and said: A fruitful life awaits you with the effort and power that is in you.

Referring to the inherent duty of the organization and relevant officials, the Deputy for Rehabilitation of the Welfare Organization said: "As your servant in the organization, I always consider myself obliged to follow up on your demands and according to the duty, we are ready for each disabled person to have a demand in person." Or raise their problems and requests through communication with the organization, and if the demands and problems have a possibility and solution, they will be followed up and resolved.

Referring to the meetings held with the first vice president to demand the rights of the disabled, he said: "According to the two meetings we had with the vice president, we will have meetings to implement the comprehensive law for the protection of the rights of the disabled, which is the duty of all organs and institutions." Government and non-government are at the national level. The Welfare Organization, as the custodian and follower of the rights of the disabled, will try to make this law in the best possible way, and the shortcomings and shortcomings of the executive bodies in this regard will be followed up.

The director general of the welfare of the province thanked the presence of the deputy for rehabilitation of the welfare organization in the marriage ceremony of the deaf and said: Dr.Kazemi, despite his many activities in the organization, attended us, which shows the organization's attention to the affairs of clients.

Nasr further mentioned the Deaf Center of Isfahan Province as one of the leading centers in the field of service and demand in the field of the disabled in the country and added: Treatment and other needs of the deaf community in the province.

Expressing hope that the comprehensive law on the protection of people with disabilities will be implemented as much as possible, he called on the relevant agencies to perform their duties related to this law and said: Let the country be pursued in this way, we in the province, according to the coordination we have had with the judicial officials of the province, the less efficient bodies in this field are introduced to the judiciary and the officials who violate the rights of the disabled by leaving the act are prosecuted.

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