Maximum participation of people in sustainable urban development systems

The head of State welfare organization in the twentieth meeting of the coordination and follow-up headquarters of accessibility, stating that accessibility is not a high cost and said: accessibility is definitely considered an investment; however, the field of information and education is extremely important.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, "Ali Mohammad Ghaderi", the head of State Welfare Organization, said in the twentieth meeting of the Coordination and Follow-up Headquarters of the country, which was held in the presence of "Mehdi Jamalinejad", the head of the Coordination and Follow-up Headquarters; If we consider this important issue with a view to reform in general for all members of society, the facilitation of physical, cultural, housing and livelihood environments and social and health services should be available to members of society, especially the disabled.

The head of state welfare organization, referring to the good progress of organizational buildings and structures in recent years, said: this wide range such as children, pregnant mothers, the elderly, and people with disabilities can easily benefit from the necessary adaptation services.

He concluded by saying that accessibility is not a costly affair: accessibility is definitely an investment; we have challenges such as lack of awareness and attitude of officials and members of society, which, of course, officials have paid special attention to since 1993. However, the field of information and education is extremely important because these positive documents in the 1975 United Nations Resolution, the 1982 General Assembly, as well as the supporting on the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, make a precise reference to adaptation that must be followed diligently. At the end of this meeting a system for following up the approvals and referrals of the Coordination and Adaptation Headquarters of the country was unveiled.

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