Quarterly performance of SWO form beginning of incumbent government

Ministry of labor, cooperative and social welfare, with releasing a report described last measure taken by state welfare organization as follows as:

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, providing micro-financial services to 100 people, paying labor capital and job preparation for women heads of households to 2500 people, helping to strengthen and developing women's support groups to 50 people, paying employer or self-contribution premiums Employing the needy to 6,769 people, paying the employer's contribution premium or self-employment to the disabled to 19,525 people, paying the cost of improving the efficiency of the disabled to 1,919 people, job preparation training to provide rehabilitation services to 709 people, assistance Providing housing for 1,900 units for the needy and disabled, helping to provide women's housing deposits for 1,250 heads of households, and helping with welfare and honoring 455,000 elderly people are among the organization's activities.

According to the report, 16 cases of directing and monitoring programs and devices in the field of aging, helping to improve the nutrition of 2,000 children with metabolic diseases, helping to feed 1,000 needy pregnant and lactating mothers, paying child allowances to 28,000 And 200 families with multiple children, paying tuition to 24,000 covered students, supporting 80,000 students from covered families, upgrading the capacity and discharging 200 children under the supervision of the Welfare Organization, helping to maintain 18,700 Children and adolescents, clothing allowances for 10,000 children under the care of this organization, payment of daily allowances to 10,000 children under the care of, the cost of treatment and care for 2,500 unknown children, providing rehabilitation services and treatment of oral disorders Swallowing and feeding 2,000 people, providing medical services to 3,750 people with disabilities, paying scholarships to 90,000 needy students and students, providing the right to care for people with spinal cord injuries to 16,200 people, and providing equipment Health to 23,125 people with disabilities, provision of rehabilitation equipment 10 One thousand people with disabilities and the provision of assistive devices and artificial limbs to 4,625 people with disabilities in need can be mentioned among other measures of this organization.
The report adds: Adapting the living environment and vehicles of 4400 disabled people, assisting in the transportation of 20 thousand 313 disabled people, helping rehabilitation and education of 16 thousand 886 disabled people in non-governmental centers daily, helping care, Maintenance and rehabilitation of 33,060 people with disabilities, the elderly and the chronically ill in the family, assistance in the care, maintenance and rehabilitation of 13,414 chronically disabled, elderly and mentally ill in non-governmental centers, assistance to 625 deaf children For cochlear implants, providing rehabilitation services based on urban community to 60,000 people, providing rehabilitation services to 197 chronic mentally ill patients, upgrading and expanding sports therapy for 1,000 disabled people, screening blindness for 200,000 children, Deafness screening of 225,000 children, support for genetic counseling services for 27,500 people, identification of genetic disorders in 8,500 families with disabilities covered, assistance in providing dowry for 1,557 clients, providing essential supplies for 500 client families, Payment of basic pension premiums for 50,000 women heads of rural households, basic pension premiums for women of 49,500 urban heads of households, specialized social work interventions for 100,000 cases, specialized care of families covered with priority given to divorced women for one One thousand families, helping the physical and mental health of 500 women in need, Payment of pensions to 340,000 families covered by the rehabilitation field to the target groups, payment of pensions to 249,000 families covered by the social sphere to the target groups, provision of nursing rights to 10,800 spinal cord injuries, rehabilitation assistance and daily training of 29,000 And 114 disabled people in non-governmental centers, Assistance in care, maintenance and rehabilitation of the disabled and chronically ill in the family to 23,940 people, assistance in the care, maintenance and rehabilitation of 29,256 chronically disabled and mentally ill people in non-governmental centers, provision of rehabilitation equipment for 8,125 disabled people Helping to treat, rehabilitate and reduce the harm of 12,971 addicts can be mentioned as other notable measures by this organization.
According to the report, assistance to 98,975 recovering addicts covered by empowerment and education programs, assistance to 6,000 people covered by AIDS prevention and control programs, assistance to 3,525,288 Individuals covered by drug and psychiatric abuse prevention services, payment of grants to upgrade support groups and health bases to 470 groups are other activities of this organization during the last three months.
The report states: the number of students covered by social health programs (MANA) 755 groups, people covered by social harm prevention services (with three activities: mother and child support, suicide prevention and sexual health promotion) including There are 30,015 people in this organization and (organizing street children) for 1914 people, taking care of 2,000 working children, helping and supporting 78 people with sexual identity disorder, helping and supporting 157 girls at risk of injury. In health centers, psycho-social support for 420 girls and families (Nedaye Mehr), support and rehabilitation of 600 socially disadvantaged girls and women, support and rehabilitation of 90 socially disadvantaged girls and women (Rah-e Novin), support Out of 1,025 women exposed to violence in safe houses, the implementation of a social emergency plan for 490,000 people (the number predicted in the 4 activities of the social emergency plan) is another action and program of this organization.

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