Vaccination of 100% of severely disabled people in SWO's centers

The Deputy for Rehabilitation of SWO said: around 101454 doses of vaccine have been injected to severely disabled people who are in the care centers covered by state Welfare Organization.

According to the latest statistics of SWO, one million and 759 thousand people are covered by this organization and have rendered from the services of this organization since the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus. According to the deputy head of the Welfare Organization in rehabilitation affairs, due to the sensitivity of the target groups, the disabled were among the first groups to receive the corona vaccine, and so far 136,662 severely and very severely disabled people have been vaccinated with the corona vaccine. On the other hand, currently 50,727 severely and very severely disabled people are kept in daily care centers. "According to the communiqué of the National Corona Headquarters, the sensitive groups were the first to receive the vaccine," and according to this decree, the Welfare Organization provided the list of severely and severely disabled people to the Ministry of Health so that severely and severely disabled people can be vaccinated in care centers, and now all disabled people in the day care centers have received two doses of their vaccine. This means that 1,454 doses of vaccine have been injected into severely disabled people in care centers.

Dispatching mobile teams to the homes of the disabled

Regarding the vaccination of severely and very severely disabled people who are kept at home, he added: "Mobile teams have vaccinated these people by visiting the homes of people covered by the welfare organization." According to the latest statistics, 17,514 severely disabled people, including people with spinal cord injuries and the mentally handicapped, are covered by the Welfare Organization and are cared for by their families. They also received both doses of Corona vaccine.

Lifting the lockdown of boarding centers

Regarding the quarantine of people in care centers for the disabled, the deputy for rehabilitation of SWO said: "From the beginning the outbreak of coronavirus, all centers were quarantined due to the sensitivity of people with disabilities in care centers." This put double pressure on the disabled and their families, as visiting families and the disabled were banned. But fortunately, after the nationwide vaccination of these people, we are moving towards the elimination of quarantine centers. Complete quarantine removal will be reserved for care centers for the severely physically disabled, and other centers, such as mental health residences, will be quarantined with special arrangements and requirements. Families also communicated with their loved ones in care centers through cyberspace during this period. With the removal of full quarantine, we ask families to meet with their family members in accordance with complete health protocols and by appointment. Of course, our recommendation is for families to stay in touch with their family members in boarding schools online to fully control the disease.

Disabled people should refer to inject third dose

According to the World Health Organization report, approximately 11% of the total population of each country is disabled. According to this figure, there are about 9 million and three hundred thousand disabled people in the country, of which only one million four hundred and sixty-seven thousand and 805 people with disabilities are covered by SWO.

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