27 November 2021 - 08:58
Isfahan as an elderly-friendly city

The representative of the United Nations Fund Population described the Welfare Organization as the connecting body of the tree of health and well-being in society.

According to the Public Relations Office of Isfahan Welfare organization, a meeting on the implementation of the CDD project was attended by Dr. Valiollah Nasr, Director General of Welfare organization of Isfahan Province, Dr. Kabiri, Senior Assistant of the United Nations Population Fund in Iran and Director of Joint Projects, Dr. Satyami, Representative of United Fund Population and Dr. Hesamuddin Allameh was appointed as the head of the Secretariat of the National Council of the Elderly.

Pointing out that Isfahan is a national and international tourism hub, Satyami said that it is suitable for piloting the elderly-friendly city plan and neighborhood-based development and added: Isfahan being a tourist can make it a suitable model for the spread of the city plan.

Satyami considered the welfare organization as the connecting body of the tree of health and welfare in the society and added: Unfortunately, due to the disconnection of the University of Social Welfare Sciences and the people, and on the other hand, the lack of sufficient resources for this body, welfare activities is currently limited to vulnerable groups.

The representative of the United Nations Fund Population blamed Iran's weakness in the issue of aging in the absence of the National Council on Aging and as a result of neglecting the large number of elderly people except the injured and disabled, and this was the reason for Iran's weakness in the executive field on aging.

He continued: "This vacancy of the National Council for the Elderly shows the need for more coordination among the departments, especially the governorate, municipality and welfare bodies in relation to the pilot of the elderly-friendly city and the elderly."

He considered the governor's support for the project important due to the governor's superior position as the representative of the Ministry of Interior in the province, especially in the field of inter-sectorial coordination.

Satyami continued by presenting the elderly-friendly city model as a competitive project that has so far been joined by nearly 1,000 cities around the world:

Although Iran has a lot of educated human resources and sufficient national resources to implement the project, but for reasons such as oppressive economic sanctions and consequent financial pressure in the country, it is necessary to be able to pilot the project in the country with the help and benefit from international organizations such as the Union.

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