Visit of representative of UNICEF from Raad-Alghadir Center

Robin Nandi, representative of United Nation children’s Fund to Iran paid a visit Ra'd al-Ghadir charity center on Wednesday, November26.

According to the report of public relation and international affairs of SWO, Alireza Atashak, CEO of this center said that: people with disabilities are working in 170 counters of this center and this institute currently has contracted with 40 companies such as LG, Snap, Shuttle and car manufacturing companies, etc.

Noting that the institute has also been very busy in the telephone support sector and is directly cooperating with the Targeted Subsidies Organization and the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, Atashk added: teaching life skills, computers, articulation and anger management.

He continued: "This center has a sewing workshop that cooperates with more than 40 companies in the clothing production sector, and people with disabilities also work at home by equipping a sewing machine." Mousavi Nik, Director General of the Social Welfare Office of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, also said during the visit that the activity of this center has been evaluated well and these measures are in line with the goals of the department  of Minister of Welfare. Dr.Robin Nandi, Representative of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Iran, said that the goal of UNICEF in countries is to help children. Being an activity especially for children with special needs was the most important issue of the relationship between governmental and non-governmental institutions that causes synergy. Saman Tapa, UNICEF Director of Social Welfare, said: "They are preparing a longitude 5years plan, the most important of which is social support and social change." Sultanzadeh, the founder of Ra'd al-Ghadir, said: "We are ready to present our 37-year experience to other countries so that the disabled can get rid of dependence on subsidies and fertilize their spirit of human dignity so that they do not receive subsidies from the government and work and live within their means.” Get married and become independent.

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