ECHO delegation and representative of UNFPA visited "Mehraban" care and rehabilitation center

"Dr. Satya Dorayswamy", representative of the United Nations Population Fund, visited the "Mehraban" care and rehabilitation center in Iran this morning to get acquainted with the services of State Welfare Organization and non-governmental organizations to the elderly.

According to Public Relations and International Affairs; Dr.Hossam al-Din Allameh, Head of the Secretariat of the National Council of the Elderly, on the sidelines of the visit, referring to the assistance of the United Nations Population Fund to Iran and the use of this assistance in technical matters and the transfer of experience and knowledge, as well as Eastern and religious culture in Iran reiterated that the fact is that the same indigenous and religious culture of our people is effective in caring for and supporting the elderly, and government aid may be limited, but the culture of the Iranian people is helpful in these difficult circumstances, and certainly the good intentions of foreign donors from other countries. It is thankful, although it does not fit all the needs of the country, and we thank them for this help.

Dr. Allameh, referring to the two-stage assistance of the European Union during the corona pandemic to the elderly in Iranian accommodation centers, said: In March 2017, the first month of the corona, we were facing a shortage of health items; about 1.5 billion tomans were spent for the provinces that were in dire need of hygienic and disinfectant materials, and in the second phase, one thousand oxygen generators were donated to the country's aging centers, which are fair and in proportion to the needs among 31 provinces. The country was distributed and more were considered for the deprived provinces. "Mehraban" Rehabilitation and Care Center is a 24-hour residential center run by the Welfare Department, which houses about 80 elderly people. Two oxygen generators were donated to the center, which helped improve the condition of the elderly.

He stressed that Iran normally needs more technical advices and the use of up-to-date knowledge and successful models, but unfortunately due to unilateral and oppressive US sanctions that our resources and technology transfer and devices based on new technologies has faced with limited medical knowledge; in this regard there is a lot of pressure on the elderly and the sick and our vulnerable groups, and in this situation, the help of international institutions can be helpful, and we thank them.

The head of the Secretariat of the National Council of the Elderly added: "We all know that in order to face the consequences of this terrible demographic change, infrastructures must be provided in the country, while our country is in a state of sanctions and the corona virus; it has a lot of cash problems that make an aging problem. Appropriate infrastructure in providing trained human resources, from content review to training of human resources or creating a community-based model based on a platform; it will take 10 years, and because we cannot provide adequate funding for infrastructure because of sanctions, we will have an unfavorable future.

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