Government planning to reduce social harm and strengthening public participation

The President of Iran, serving in Kahrizak Charity Complex as a beautiful manifestation of public participation and said: "Such charitable activities control many social harms."

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, quoting the presidential information base, Ayatollah Dr. Seyed Ebrahim Ra'isi visited Kahrizak Charity Sanatorium this morning and talked closely with the clients, doctors and managers of this center.

The President during a visit with social worker of Kahrizak Charity Complex said that: "What you are doing today in this center is one of the beautiful manifestations of public participation in eliminating social harms."

Referring to the government's support for public participation in social affairs, Dr. Raisi said: "Such public actions should be developed and Kahrizak is a successful example of the participation of public donors."

Referring to the government's plan to reduce social harms, Ayatollah Raisi said: "The root of some social harms is in economic issues, and the government has at the same time organizing the economic situation and controlling social harms on the agenda."

Referring to yesterday's meeting of the Social Council, the President noted that we do not have a shortage of laws, but according to the assignment of laws for different agencies, it should be examined which agencies have performed their duties and which agencies have not performed their duties. And what was the reason.

"These victims are part of our family and we should try to help them," the president said, referring to his visits to two treatment centers and social harm reduction centers this morning.

During the visit of the director, ‌ Doctors and assistants of Kahrizak Complex gave the necessary explanations about their activities and treatment and support measures, and the clients exchanged their issues and problems closely with the President.

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