Institutionalizing , Iranian-Islamic model of service and support to target community in context of resistance economy

The head of State welfare organization, stating that along with the efforts of past managers, especially Dr.Vahid Ghobadidana to provide a worthy and fruitful service to the deprived and oppressed, said: In line with the modern methods of the world in the context of the resistance economy, at the second step of the revolution, I will institutionalize in this organization.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, "Ali Mohammad Ghaderi" in the farewell ceremony and introduction of the head of State Welfare Organization, which was held in the presence of the Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, stating that SWO is one of the few organizations that cross the border of this world and the hereafter we see it very close, he said: I praise the eternal and beloved God of hearts with the greatness of His glory with a little power. I give thanks and I am proud of the servitude of a deity whose patience and forgiveness towards the servants is the same as wisdom and the punishment of his punishment in the two worlds is the cause of joy and forgiveness of the servants. The human principle is proud to be in such a position in the circle of creation that it has obtained permission to speak and worship the essence of the Most Holy God, and in the vast cycle of creation, it has been allowed to recite its deity in love. One has given such an instantaneous burden to his creature that he rewards his thoughts and intentions, blesses his deeds, and accomplishes his efforts when he is in the circle of nearness to God.

He added: "Life is very simple and sweet, whenever it is based on the unbroken circuit of serving to create peace and happiness of the soul and living a simple and deep life." Work and effort in State welfare organization is a long story of the connection between work and emotion, belief and action and hardness and gentleness. What you do, dear ones, is not achievable if it does not arise from the boiling of your pure feelings and emotions, your pure patience and self-sacrifice, and your action will not have any effects if it is not mixed with your pure prayer and kind smile. The hardships of seeing orphaned tears, empty tablecloths and broken lives, and where a woman and a girl are left alone with generous smiles and kind consolations.

Ghaderi said: "Working in this complex does not result in mania, sincerity and peace." Thanks to the high official of the Ministry of People, I accepted a loan so that, God willing, I can, with the help of the religious and elite forces of the Welfare Organization, benefit from the capacity of the revolutionary youth. Let me show that they are the rightful owners of this revolution.

In the end, the head of the country's welfare organization reminded: with foresight and synergy of ideas and work and maximum effort of the Iranian-Islamic model of service and support in line with modern methods in the context of resistance economy in line with the second step of the revolution in this organization and interaction and Communicate effectively with active and creative startups to offer a new plan in developing the economic potential of the target community, earning income and developing a space for rehabilitation and active presence in the domestic and international arenas.

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