Accessibility of facilities for the deaf is possible with convergence of all entities

On the occasion of World Deaf Day , Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare said that ; accessibility of facilities for the deaf is possible with the convergence of all entities.

The 8th of October has been named as "World Deaf Day" to draw the attention of the general public to the problems of deaf and hard of hearing people. Today, due to the continuous efforts of the Islamic Republic, the development of social justice and the need to equalize opportunities for all segments of society, especially vulnerable groups with disabilities, as an approach, the basis of many plans. Relevant devices are located. The thirteenth government has made solving the problems of the people and paving the way for improving the quality of life of the society its priority. Today, we all believe that social participation and the role of the deaf in all aspects, including education, health, health, economy and culture, is their inalienable right, and providing the grounds for such participation is the legal and human duty of those in the legislative position. , Perform managerial and executive duties. Belief in the need to strengthen legal protections for people with disabilities, led to the process of amending the law to protect the rights of people with disabilities, in the joint agenda of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, Welfare Organization and NGOs active in the affairs of individuals As a result of this joint effort, we now have a law that protects the rights of the deaf and hard of hearing with stronger executive levers than in the past. Continuous meetings with the executive bodies and explaining the provisions of the mentioned law, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and emphasizing the necessity of implementing these laws in the bodies, trying to recognize sign language, sending relevant translators, removing barriers to deaf education in a number of Academic disciplines and helping to attract them in various job fields are part of the measures that are followed by the efforts of the Welfare Organization along with non-governmental and non-governmental organizations active in this field. Accessibility of facilities for the deaf in the areas of transportation, education, health, health and accessibility of media programs and cyberspace facilities for this segment of society are other measures that should be taken in the light of laws and convergence. Follow the devices so that these loved ones work in a smoother way to play an effective role in society. However, what guarantees the social participation of the deaf more than anything else is our sense of responsibility and effort as a citizen or social activist to accept the limitations and differences of deaf and hard of hearing people, their capabilities and values. Recognize their existence and try to strengthen their position in society.

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