Inauguration of  Social Harms Monitoring Secretariat

During a ceremony in presence with minister of labor, cooperative and social welfare and head of state welfare organization to control social harms , a secretariat to monitor these harms was inaugurated on July19.

The head of the country's welfare organization said at the inauguration ceremony of the Social Harms Monitoring Secretariat, referring to the vacancy in the Social Injury Axis and Neighborhood Harms Monitoring: All agencies, institutions and groups are involved in preventing social harms. According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, "Vahid Ghobadidana", head of the Welfare Organization, at the inauguration ceremony of the Secretariat for Monitoring Social Harms, which was attended by the Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare and the head of the Social Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly said that; State Welfare Organization as a specialized and supportive organization in the field of people with disabilities, women headed of households, children with ineffective caregivers and the elderly has been active and also plays a role in the field of social harms.

The head of State Welfare Organization, referring to the orders of the Supreme Leader and his special emphasis on the 5 main social harms, stated: State Welfare Organization has used all its time and grief to prevent these harms, as well as to manage and control the harms. Achieving this required proper monitoring of social harms in the country, which has been done at the national, provincial and city levels in the form of surveys and various studies. Referring to the vacancy in the study of the location of the axis of social harms and the monitoring of the neighborhood-centered social harms, he said: "By setting up welfare service centers at the neighborhood level in 2,527 points, we achieved this important; Due to the fact that the type and type of injury and risk factors as well as protective factors of injury in each region can be different. We can take an important step in this direction by examining the postal code of social harms one by one and being able to enumerate the risk and protective factors.

All organizations are involved in preventing social harm

Ghobadidana stated that the cause of social harms is diverse and it is influenced by social, economic, cultural and other factors that can cause this; Consequently, all agencies, institutions and groups are involved in the prevention of social harms, which we hope can play their role properly, but in the final stage, in relation to the control of social harms,  state welfare organization acts in accordance with the law and in areas where the organization is responsible. Accompany and help. In the discussion of working and street children, the head of the country's welfare organization pointed to a suitable model designed by colleagues and said: "This model was implemented based on the pathology of previous activities in Tehran. According to statistics, more than 949 working children were organized in Tehran." 80% are Afghans and Pakistanis, in other words, more than 80% of working and street children in Tehran, according to accurate statistics recorded by iris scanning of their biometric information, and even in Mashhad out of 600 organized children, 70% were non-Iranians; Therefore, groups such as the Ministry of Interior, Citizens' Office, border guards, etc. should be more active.

 Our connection with the skin of the city is not established properly and systematically

The head of state welfare organization, referring to the meeting of the Social Council in the past two years, acknowledged: One of the people present at this meeting said that this information and PowerPoints can be well reviewed, but unfortunately something else can be seen on the street and in the square. This indicates that our connection with the community and under the skin of the city is not established properly and systematically.

This year, hearing screening will be performed in welfare service centers in urban and rural areas

The head of the country's welfare organization pointed to the hearing screening of 2 to 3 million children aged 3 to 6 and said: "This year, hearing screening will be performed in welfare service centers (positive life) in urban and rural areas, and analyzing this information can help prevent and Slow interventions.

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