Head of State Welfare Organization released a message

Dr.Ghobadidana, Head of SWO, on the occasion of world PKU day released a message and emphasized more attention on these patients and their families.

"In the name of God"

28th June is World Phenylketonuria (PKU) Day. Phenylketonuria is one of the rare metabolic diseases that is more prevalent in Iran rather than other countries due to families' marriages. Fortunately, Phenylketonuria can be prevented by early diagnosis, diet, treatment, and timely rehabilitation of mental retardation and other serious injuries and potential problems.Therefore, it is necessary that social awareness programs, accurate implementation of neonatal screening programs at birth, provision and observance of diet, treatment and rehabilitation should be on the agenda of the country's health and rehabilitation system. State Welfare Organization of Iran, as a supporting organization in collaboration with non-governmental organizations, has been able to take steps forward and work to support these patients and the families of them. Remembrance of this World Day is an excuse to have a special look at the patients with this disease and their families who patiently think about their child's recovery and the excruciating suffering of emotional support and the heavy costs of their nutrition and treatment.The employees of the State Welfare Organization are proud with the help of Almighty God and through psychological and emotional support of patients and their families and the support of governmental and non-governmental organizations to improve the health status of patients.

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