Monitoring on the social and economic empowerment of female- headed of the household

Narjes Khatun Asaadi, Director General of the Family and Women's Empowerment department of State Welfare Organization, referring to the benefit of 276,000 female headed of households from welfare services, announced the beginning of the project to monitor the capabilities of the covered households and said: This monitoring is based on a standard questionnaire in which the capability status of each household will assessed in specific psychological, social and economic dimensions and its results will be the basis of specialized planning and interventions.

She added: by using the results of monitoring the status of households covered, the success of the government and the non-governmental sector in achieving the goals of the State social welfare category will be doubled and the path to empowerment and exit from the support cycle will be smoother.

The Director General of the Family and Women's Empowerment department of the State Welfare Organization stated: The findings of this questionnaire provide the necessary platform and infrastructure for the service leveling system, and from a strategic point of view, policy makers can provide timely, appropriate and high-quality services to the beneficiaries based on justice.

She elsewhere pointed out: paying of monthly pension based on the size of the household, payment of education allowance to students and students, benefit of housing deposit, payment of work and employment allowance, military exemption for a male child, payment of medical and health allowance, payment of nutrition allowance, Benefiting from cultural programs in line with leisure time, personal and social skills training, employment interventions, benefiting from urban and rural social insurance and provision of essential life necessities including welfare services to women headed of households are covered.

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