Evolutionism; The main framework of the activities of SWO

The Deputy of People's Partnerships of Non-Governmental Institutions and Empowerment of SWO said: popularization, transparency, efficiency and intelligence are the four axes of the organization's activities, and one of the basic frameworks of these four axes is evolutionism.

The deputy for public participation of the State welfare organization said: the services of the organization are not only for these 7 million people; we provide various services in the field of prevention that cover members of the society.

He added: So far, 12 million children have been screened for vision, and some of them, due to vision problems, used the welfare organization's services to prevent amblyopia, which shows the scope of the organization's services.

Raboubi noted: Based on the good actions of the government and the follow-up of the members of the parliament, the organization's credits reached 1 million this year, which was a good growth, but it alone does not meet the needs of the target community. We seek to use the capacity of social partners, and strong institutions at the national and provincial levels, such as the Mustafehin Foundation and the Revolutionary Guards, have come to the side of State welfare organization and provided special assistance in this field.

The Deputy of People's Partnerships of State welfare organization said: One of the basic frameworks of the four axes is evolutionism, the initial document of which was unveiled at the meeting of the managers of the State welfare organization, which will be communicated to the provinces.

He said: Dr. Chavoshi has taken effective measures in the field of research. During the Corona era, he has managed various projects and also has a lot of experience in employment and empowerment, which we will use.

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