To hear for life, listen with care

Deputy minister and head of state welfare organization, on the occasion of World deaf day released message as follows;

The 30th September is International day of the deaf, a day which has been decorated with the slogan of “moving toward communities with the participation of all people due to bring the message of equality and social participation to the whole of human being in world, and this social act is nothing but the implementation of protective laws related to people with disabilities and Equality of job and social opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing people.

In all the laws related to the rights of persons with disabilities, including the law on the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the role of governments in making society's facilities accessible to disabled persons, including deaf and hard of hearing groups, has been explicitly emphasized.

Incumbent government, within the framework of the policies and goals of the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is trying to use the available capacities to improve the quality and quantity of the services needed by people with hearing impairments.

In this regard, various measures have been taken by state welfare organization, such as the development of rehabilitation services in specialized clinics, the provision of rehabilitation services, the training of sign language interpreters throughout the country, and the training of daily life skills, especially integrated communication methods (lip reading and sign language), supporting professional training and employment programs for the deaf can be counted among these activities.

There is no doubt that the universalization of the services needed by deaf and hard of hearing people and progress towards building a society for everyone, a society where the active presence of deaf people can be seen in all its fields, requires the cooperation of all sectors, including legislative institutions and It is the executive bodies that we hope to witness its realization.

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