Providing addiction harm reduction services to 740,000 needy people

The head of the department for addiction prevention and treatment of the SWO announced the provision of services to 739,208 injured people last year.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, quoting Mehr, "Farhad Aqtar" while explaining the amount of services provided by drug abuse treatment centers last year, announced that 115,868 people are covered in these centers to receive special services. He added: out of this number, 10,408 are injured and needy women.

The official in charge of SWO, referring to the activities of 24 TC centers and 30 comprehensive addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers and 25 empowerment and rehabilitation centers, said: last year 3567 people from TC center, 6839 people from comprehensive addiction treatment and rehabilitation center and 1659 People received specialized services from the Center for Empowerment and Rehabilitation. He further referred to the activities of mobile phones and shelters to provide services to the injured and reminded: 35 mobile vans are operating in the country, which provided services to 18 thousand and 25 people. The head of the Deputy for Addiction Prevention and Treatment of the Welfare Organization, referring to Article 16 centers under the supervision of the Welfare Organization, said: A total of 33 Article 16 centers operate in the country under the supervision of SWO, including 87,775 people. It should be noted that addiction treatment centers, which in addition to detoxification, provide other ancillary services such as psychiatry to the victim, are told that the length of treatment in these centers is estimated at 3 to 6 months.

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