Promoting in the organization is a prerequisite for organizational life

Head of SWO, during a visit with experts of prevention affairs from throughout the country emphasized on main role of them to reduce social harms in the country.

According to the public relations of the General Department of Welfare of Mazandaran; Ali Mohammad Ghaderi, the head of State welfare organization, said that in the Islamic Republic of Iran, our religious and Islamic duty is far beyond individual duties. He considered serving the people of the society, especially the most deprived people from the best and highest worships and added: "If we have a correct definition of our service position, we will definitely realize the heavy burden of our responsibilities and duties and serve the deprived and orphans." The divine that has been made possible by the blowing of the divine spirit into the human body. Ghaderi considered the Welfare Organization to be born of the Islamic Revolution and continued: "Currently, change in the organization is a requirement of organizational life, and in this regard, we must use the capacities of the people." The head of State welfare organization referred to the general policies of social security and said: a working group was formed in the headquarters of State welfare organization in which the necessary platform is created to implement these orders so that the departments related to the organization can be tracked and intercepted. He called the Welfare Organization a specialized relief and support organization and added: "The managers of the organization should pay special attention to creating an efficient, empowering, justice-based and dignified system, because despite providing services, if the dignity of the client is not observed, we should provide services." The head of the State welfare organization considered democratization, transparency of services, intelligence and empowerment as the basic pillars of the organization and said: the organization's volunteer area should be revived in order to communicate more with the people and use their capacities to solve problems and it requires an effective relationship between welfare and members of society. He said that vision and hearing screening, genetic counseling, awareness and monitoring of people with disabilities are the four main programs of the organization in the field of prevention and added: Creating a culture of disability prevention takes fundamental steps.

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