43000 women headed-households are covered by the organization's insurance

The head of State welfare organization said that: "despite the empowerment measures and the annual departure of a number of women headed-households, due to the increasing number of this statistic, currently 80,000 families are behind the queue to receive continuous and non-continuous services in welfare."

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, quoting the House of Nation, "Ali Mohammad Ghaderi", Deputy Minister and Head of State Welfare Organization, said in a public meeting of the Islamic Consultative Assembly during the review of the report of the Social Commission on women headed-households.

The head of State Welfare Organization continued: "Regarding the issue of welfare, according to the law on meeting the needs of self-employed women and heads of households, it has provided social support and timely and available interventions as social assistance to empower them with goals such as promotion, health and development."

He continued: The Head of welfare organization has carried out follow-ups and put on the agenda regarding insurance in areas and areas where there are rural, nomadic and even urban strata. Ghaderi stated: measures such as job preparation for women, payment of labor capital, as well as specialized social work interventions in the care of families covered by the case management approach with the priority of women without a spouse are on the agenda.

"Low levels of knowledge are another challenge, and according to statistics, 85% of the population are illiterate and undergraduates, which shows the lack of skills and ability of female-headed households to improve their jobs," he said. The female family is another leading problem due to road accidents and accidents at work.

Emphasizing that the direct relationship between empowerment and having a good job with many psychological variables such as mental health, self-esteem, self-satisfaction and positive self-concept and other components are the main challenges, Ghaderi said: The low wealth of women heads of households to provide the initial contribution in the provision of social housing is one of the important issues in this area.

The head of State Welfare Organization of the country stated: Welfare with more than 53 specialized, supportive and social activities has a range of diverse, multiple and numerous activities, which unfortunately with this amount of activities can not pursue its basic missions. In one place, this organization is responsible for preventing and combating drugs and drug addicts, and in another place, the protection of working children is entrusted to this organization.

The head of State welfare organization stated that welfare should be a non-governmental organization and an organization similar to the Red Crescent in order to be able to fulfill its inherent and basic mission with the support of its social partners. Injuries, including social injuries, go to it.

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