Emphasis of head of SWO on acquiring skills along with continuing university education

Ali Mohammad Ghaderi, Deputy Minister and Head of State Welfare Organization, at the ceremony of honoring the children of women-headed of households and quasi-families who have achieved the rank of less than 1000 different educational levels from the national university; emphasized on learning skills and readiness for employment along with continuing education.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, the head of SWO, while congratulating the birth of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) and Women's Day, said: "with effort and attention to your inner talents (while the current requirements of life) in fact you have taken the path of advancing science and have chosen a goal for yourself, it is a matter of pride and in my opinion you are closer to God and try to Take advantage of more storage.

Ghaderi added: "I am interested in monitoring the path of growth and excellence and monitoring the semesters of your education, dear ones, and I ask the social deputy to provide this possibility and establish a close relationship between welfare and the children present, and I also ask you to make welfare safe." Know yourself safe.

Referring to the livelihood and economic problems raised by some students present at the meeting, he said: "People who have livelihood problems and economic shortcomings and despite all these difficulties and problems have achieved these successes, are elites who They have turned life threats into opportunities and are a source of pride and arrogance, and perhaps if they had the facilities of ordinary people in society, they would have appeared much more successful, and I thank you for this redoubled effort and I ask you for the path. Complete your growth and promotion by continuing your education at higher levels.

The head of State welfare organization added: "We also try to provide you with a path of economic security so that you are more aware of your ideals and goals, as well as acquire the necessary skills to be ready for employment while continuing your education." It can be done with non-governmental organizations.

He also thanked and appreciated the mothers who, with the hardships and limitations of life and with all the wealth they had, provided the ground for the success of these children.

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