SWO is a safe haven for deprived / Increasing social health through intelligence and efficiency

Dr.Ghaderi called SWO a safe haven for the deprived and said: "We have a duty to develop discourse-building in the country."

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, "Ali Mohammad Ghaderi", the head of State Welfare Organization, met with the director and staff of the province during an intrusive trip to Ardabil province and added: The creativity of the staff in the welfare complex is to serve the people being supported, and these intimate meetings at the undergraduate level should be further established.

The head of the country's welfare organization acknowledged: The managerial view based on decent service to the people should be based on the available wealth, which in some cases has had limitations; Therefore, these cases have not hindered the progress of the organization.

He pointed out that the housing sector has become stronger in recent years and has progressed more and more in providing shelter for the needy, he said: "Currently, more than 120 programs have been defined under the activities and missions of the organization that work for employees." It has been hard and exhausting, especially the issue of Article 16 drug addicts that we are all involved in, and some of these injuries were associated with many intensities and weaknesses, and in some places their types were different.

The head of State welfare organization, stating that today the issue of adaptation in the provinces and some cities has been demanded with good follow-up from the agencies, said: It says that not everything is based on resources, and part of this is due to the creativity and innovation of the officials, so that effective steps can be taken in this field with the cooperation of governors and district heads.

In the end, the head of State Welfare Organization emphasized on the unity and harmony of the demands and reminded: the resources of SWO have not enjoyed a significant growth; Therefore, we try to do our best and we do not procrastinate on any issue; as well as these views should make the organization productive and ultimately lead to increasing social health, which will be possible if we bring people, intelligence and efficiency to the forefront. Reminds; "Ali Mohammad Ghaderi", the head of the State welfare organization, met with the staff of Namin, Sarein and Nayr cities during an intrusive trip to Ardabil province.

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