Head of SWO paid a visit from Alborz welfare organization

Ali Mohammad Ghaderi during a trip while visiting the centers of Alborz province had a cordial meeting with the staff of this province.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, Ali Mohammad Ghaderi, Deputy Minister and Head of State Welfare Organization during a meeting with welfare staff of Alborz province stated that the purpose of this meeting was to receive suggestions and creativity of colleagues and added: lack of funds in the city, province And there are national and infrastructural problems and inefficient administrative bureaucracy, but with the existing conditions and resources, and by recognizing the weaknesses and proper planning, we should do something that will make our clients feel good.

He stated that 42 years have passed since the activity of the Welfare Organization as the birth of the revolution, and said: "Martyr Fayyaz Bakhsh planted the seedlings of this organization at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution and today we are exploiting these sacred seedlings." the deputy minister and Head of the Welfare Organization, pointing out that we must use the maximum capacity of our colleagues and their knowledge, stressed: And notified and appropriate to the existing conditions are not reviewed. He stated that the Welfare Organization has more than 53 duties in its heart, which are in various matters in the fields of social injuries and rehabilitation, adding: "Some of these responsibilities and duties are not compatible with the Welfare Organization, but we must stand with all our might." And manage these things in the best way.

Our main problems are not just the budget

The Deputy Minister and Head of the Welfare Organization emphasized: the budget is part of the problems and daily life in doing things is another part of the problems. 19000 welfare personnel will solve many problems if they are united and present in the field in accordance with the capacity of the welfare organization. In this intrusive trip, in addition to attending the welfare of the province, Ali Mohammad Ghaderi visited the centers of Karaj and Savojbolagh counties and met with the staff.

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