The latest status of "hearing screening in 2021 "/No need to pay for the poor

The head of Disability Prevention of the Center for Addiction Prevention and Treatment of State Welfare Organization regarding the identification of 37,000 infants with hearing impairment since 2005 announced that: In 2021, about 90% of births have been screened.

In an interview with ISNA, Afrooz Saffarifard, referring to the hearing screening program that has been implemented by SWO since 2005 using AABR and OAE devices, said: "Since the beginning of the program, 12 million and 360 thousand babies have received hearing screening services." About 37,000 babies have been diagnosed with hearing loss.

She added: "Currently, there are about 630 active screening units across the country, many of which are located in maternity hospitals and some in health centers and private clinics."

The head of Disability Prevention of the Center for Addiction Prevention and Treatment of SWO said that Iran has been recognized as one of the very good countries in the field of hearing screening in the region due to its high percentage of coverage. Coronavirus was associated with 86%. By 1400, we had screened about 90% of births.

Regarding the cost of hearing screening, she said: "The Welfare Organization pays non-refundable assistance to the institutions that cooperate with us in order to implement the program and provide the screening device."

She went on to said that In many places, such as on the outskirts of cities and villages, where even the same government tariffs cannot be paid by families, the Welfare Purchasing Organization serves; This means that the welfare organization pays even the same government tariff that the families cannot afford. Families who cannot afford to pay for hearing aids and cochlear implants can also benefit the free of charge services of SWO.

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