1st session of coordination and supervision on implementing SRPWDA

The first session of coordination and supervision on implementing supporting on the rights of persons with disabilities Act was held at the place of presidential organization on Saturday, December 25.

Dr.Mohammad Mokhber, the first vice president, at the first meeting of this committee in incumbent government, called on implementing supporting on the rights of persons with disabilities Act due to dealing with human life and dignity among the priorities of this government and stressed the seriousness of all responsible agencies to solve problems of persons with disabilities asked the ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare to periodically report the implementation of this Act to the officials and the people by constantly monitoring the duties of the relevant agencies.

Emphasizing the need to empower the persons with disabilities, the first vice president said: "It is necessary to increase the capabilities of the disabled community and the emergence and emergence of their talents, to turn this segment of society into a productive society to solve the country's problems and manage their lives."

In this meeting, Dr.Mokhber called the observance of the provisions of the law on employment of the disabled as an important and fundamental principle and asked the relevant officials to go beyond the employment process in government agencies, the employment of people with disabilities in different sectors of society with regard to infrastructure.

The First Vice President pointed out that in order to solve the problems of the disabled people, the capacities of all sectors, including the government, the parliament, the judiciary and all the revolutionary institutions, should be used in the whole areas, he also called housing and adaptation of places and public spaces among the important problems of this section of society and stressed the need to eliminate the shortcomings in these two areas by prioritizing among the disabled.

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of this meeting, Ali Mohammad Ghaderi, the head of State Welfare Organization, as the head of the Secretariat of the Committee for Coordination and Supervision of the Implementation of supporting on the rights of persons with disabilities Act presented a report on the implementation of the law. Non-compliance with the employment quota for the persons with disabilities, lack of adaptation of facilities, transportation issues, insurance, medical and rehabilitation problems, lack of accountability of the executive apparatus, lack of funds and opposition to some laws were among the items presented in this report.

In this meeting, the minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, the minister of Health, treatment and medical Education, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, the Vice President and Head of the Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Foundation, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Health Commission and a group of other officials The committee was present, a number of representatives of the disabled community expressed their views and suggestions on the problems of people with disabilities and the unfavorable process of implementing the comprehensive law for the protection of the disabled in recent years.

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