Assigning housing to heads of households with two disabilities by the next 2 years

The head of State welfare organization presented his plans and solutions in order to solve the problems of the disabled community and the vulnerable sections of the society in the meeting with members of the social commission of the parliament on Wednesday.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, "Ali Mohammad Ghaderi", the head of State Welfare Organization, in presenting his plans for managing State Welfare Organization, while  stating that SWO was born in result of Iran’s revolution. I have considered 4 approaches to manage this organization including democratization, transparency, efficiency and intelligence to run fundamental and practical program of 120 activities in the field of prevention, rehabilitation, social, partnership and communication with the people.

He reminded: "Economic empowerment of the target community, cheapening of services that can be provided and facilitating equal opportunities are among the goals that I have intended to run  within this organization, on the other hand, intelligence in the form of integrating systems, communicating, identifying and redefining missions and I will pursue deprivations in the areas of specialization, accountability through the system, communication with members of public networks and non-governmental organizations, and reporting on our spending to build social trust.

Ghaderi noted: "We are looking for to streamline this organization in the field of manpower, as well as providing housing and livelihoods, job creation are three important strategies that we follow to provide services, as well as a memorandum of understanding to build 160,000 housing units in the next 3 years." We created that 40,000 units are related to the villages and we will do this with the participation of the Foundation for the Underprivileged.

The head of state welfare organization added: "In the meeting of the International Week of persons with disability, which was held in the presence of the President, we had good approvals, some of which were announced, including that the disabled have access to air and rail transportation and their adaptation rights and following the provisions of Article 39 to be carried out by two committees under the responsibility of the First Vice President.

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