21 November 2021 - 12:43
Launching of Autism Database

Autism Database with the aim of facilitating on screening this disorder, improve cognitive function and easy accessibility of parents to experts was designed in the form of an application.

According to report of public relations and international affairs, this application is comprehensive four-part cognitive application consists of functional parts such as diagnostic test, doctor and consultant, cognitive games and databases.

The comprehensive autism cognitive application has been designed by a creative company, including creative companies based on cognitive accelerators, by a number of autism activists under the supervision of cognitive and business experts. The four-part comprehensive cognitive application has reached the production stage with the support of the Cognitive Science and Technology Development Headquarters of the Vice President for Science and Technology. In the section on cognitive games, the cognitive functions that are overshadowed in autism, such as attention, concentration, visual memory, learning, emotion recognition and problem solving, are examined and a personalized mini-game is designed for people with autism spectrum at three mild levels. Moderate and severe, and a total of several stages of the game have been implemented in the application. This part of the application, while creating happy times for children with autism, leads to the improvement of their cognitive functions, because in these games, a unique character accompanies the child with autism and helps to improve his social interaction. The fourth part of this application is related to databases, in this part, parents can find the addresses, telephone numbers and information of all autism schools and rehabilitation centers related to autism under welfare supervision in the city where they live.

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