Commencement of a joint chapter to support the families of prisoners

The heads of the prisons organization and State welfare organization announced their readiness to pursue the presence of honorary helpers in prisons, as well as to provide more and more support to the clients and families of prisoners in prisons.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, "Mohammad Mehdi Haj Mohammad" the head of the Prisons Organization and "Ali Mohammad Ghaderi, "the head of State Welfare Organization met and emphasized on taking joint actions and supporting the prisoners and their families as much as possible. The head of the prisons organization said that some prisoners consider poverty as the cause of crime.

Utilizing welfare capacity in the field of honorary prison staff

Explaining the role that social workers can play in prisons today, Haj Mohammad said: "In prisons and in accordance with the regulations, natural persons can join us in helping the prisoners." This story is important because the most important demands and concerns of prisoners today are their families and their problems.

He added: "Support for prisoners with disabilities or the families of prisoners with disabilities is always emphasized, while we welcome welfare experiences because we believe in the helpful way of managing prison affairs."

The head of the Prisons Organization considered the role of welfare in the care after the clients leave the prison important and added: considering the capacity of the welfare organization's assistants, we hope that the welfare capacity can be used in the field of honorary assistants in prisons. In this way, we invite the participation of the people's forces who are motivated by religious, revolutionary and humanitarian service in prisons.

Following this meeting, the head of State welfare organization announced: "Using the capacity of prisons, we can definitely have a new chapter with the prisons organization and help the families who are trapped today." Supporting women whose guardians are in prison today can be implemented through pensions and so on. He also emphasized to the head of the Prisons Organization: The Prisons Organization should refer to us what it needs in the provinces and in the field of helping clients and their families so that it can be dealt with immediately. Ghaderi added: "We are full of jihadists alongside the prisons organization because we believe that these are the people who are at the forefront of the fight against social harm." Using jihadi groups, you can go to the farthest parts of the country and serve the people. We hope that people will be trained from this prison that will be useful for their families and society. Reminds; The head of the Prisons Organization invited welfare managers to visit the prison and inspect their families; It was also decided to sign a memorandum of understanding between the two organizations on common actions, missions and goals to provide maximum services to prisoners and their families.

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