Iran's Guardian Council approved plan of family and youth of population

According to the report of political group of Fars News agency, Hadi Tahan Nazif, the spokesman of the guardian council, announced the approval of the plan to support of the family and youth of the population in this council.

He wrote in a tweet: “ The plan to support the family and the youth of the population, after resolving the objections and ambiguities of the Guardian Council by the esteemed parliament, was not recognized as country to Sharia and the constitution.’ I hope that the implementation of this law, with its various and varied provisions, will lead to the realization of 10th principle of the constitution, which to facilitate the formation of the family institution and the consolidation and stability of this institution”.

It is worth mention that in this plan to support the family and youth of the population, incentives such as employment facilities, housing and providing a suitable space for mother and child, education of mothers, support for pregnant mothers, combating abortion, general population policy and finally infertility treatment in opinions have been asked.

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