Special attention of SWO to psycho-social health of people during  Corona pandemic

On the occasion of Mental Health Week, the head of the Addiction Prevention and Treatment Development SWO, explained the most important measure taken by this organization in the field of mental health.

Dr.Fatemeh Rezvan Madani, Head of the Center for prevention development and addiction treatment of SWO, referring to the arrival of Mental Health Week, said: this week from 18 to 24 October has been named with the slogan of "mental health in an unequal world in order to inform the public about this issue.

He added: "Given that the world is currently dealing with a corona pandemic and its consequences, special attention to mental health with a focus on justice in health and increasing access to these services is more important than ever." The  State Welfare Organization has taken a number of measures in this regard, including: designing effective psychological interventions during the corona pandemic, including assigning codes to people involved in corona and medical staff in the 1480 telephone counseling line to facilitate their access to specialized services, brochures and booklets Specialized courses for the corona, training of mental health professionals to provide specialized interventions to families affected by the corona, mourning and psychological consequences after the corona, etc.

Referring to other activities in the field of mental health in SWO, Rezvan Madani said: "In this regard, the Prevention Development Center of SWO measures such as policy-making and planning aimed at improving the quality of psychological services by grading counseling centers and training of specialists in departments." Governmental and non-governmental, scientific selection of specialists to establish a center for counseling and review and communication of specialized instructions and protocols at the national level, special attention to special groups including children and the elderly and designing and compiling special work guides for these groups, localization of skills package Living in the country, with the cooperation of experts, has designed and implemented the benefit of a community-based approach in mental health services with the aim of playing the role of stakeholders in policy-making and planning with the people and for the people, etc.

He also reviewed and communicated the instructions of psycho-social support in natural and man-made disasters and utilizing the capacity of volunteer specialists in this program, developing and strengthening activities and actions inside and outside the organization through concluding memorandums with institutions, universities, and ministries. Houses and scientific and research associations and governmental and non-governmental organizations and departments with the aim of increasing the penetration of services, organizing the licensing of counseling centers and psychological services through system design, scientific selection committees and continuous monitoring and transparency of program implementation Mentioned other services of the Welfare Organization in this field.

Rezvan Madani pointed to other welfare measures in the field of family mental health support and said: designing interventions and educational programs aimed at the target groups of the client and tailored to their needs, including young people on the verge of marriage, couples, parents and children and adolescents. In order to strengthen the foundation of the family, planning and designing interventions, taking into account their cost-effectiveness for couples seeking divorce, performing psychological actions and interventions in accordance with the needs of the community in person, online and by phone, as well as other services of the Welfare Organization in These are areas.

Head of the Development Center for Addiction Prevention and Treatment of SWO; compiling an insurance package for counseling and follow-up services from the Cabinet, organizing and following up on tariffs for psychological services, paying attention to health justice and access to mental health services for all, as well as she mentioned subsidies to low-income groups as other welfare services in the field of mental health.

At the end of the week, he addressed mental health to all those working in the field of psycho-social health, including non-governmental sectors, non-governmental organizations and scientific associations, experts and specialists in welfare and non-governmental sector, welfare managers, deputies and policymakers in this field. To maintain and promote the psycho-social health of the community; congratulated.

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