Deputy minister and Head of SWO released a message

On the occasion of week of mental health, Dr.Vahid Ghobadidana,deputy minister and head of SWO,released a message as follows :

On the occasion of the mental health week, Vahid Ghobadi Dana, deputy minister and head of SWO in a message said, "The State Welfare Organization, as trustee of Social Health of the country with emphasizing  on the prevention approach, formulation of mental-social health indicators, recognizing the process of changes in risk factors and protection of mental health, efficient consultation interventions and psychological support and social support based after events and disasters and ... through 3,300 counseling and telephone counseling centers, along with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (mental health), especially in current conditions and The crisis caused by the Corona Pandemic has played a significant and effective contribution to the modulation of the country's psychological and social environment, stabilization and strengthening the indicators of mental health and learning and upgrading access to health services.

The full context of this message is as follows as:

In today's mental health societies, as the most valuable human and social capital, one of the national backing and the most important developmental indicators, and the healthy man, is considered to be a sustainable development axis.

The well-established organization of social health, with an emphasis on the prevention approach, formulation of mental health indicators, recognition of the changes in risk factors and the protection of mental health, efficient consultation and psychological interventions and providing community-based psychosocial support After disasters and ... through 3300 counseling and telephone counseling centers, along with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (mental health), especially in the current conditions and crisis due to Corona Pandemic, a major contribution In modifying the psychological and social space of the country, stabilization and strengthening the indicators of mental health and learning and upgrading access to health services have been played.

In this regard, legal capacities, strengthening social responsibility paradigms, organized participation of popular organizations and as organizations in politics, management and implementation of psychological programs.

Considering the important role of social and psychological dimension of health in preventing social harms, social vitality, increasing social capital, emphasizing the main position of prevention in mental health policy and designing and implementing evidence-based programs and strengthening factors Protecting and reducing risk factors as the main foundation of prevention programs prevents the increase in the number of psychological disorders in society.

This year, there are two axes in the slogan of Mental Health Week. The first axis is "mental health in an unequal world." Inequality in mental health, compared to physical health, deprives many people with mental disorders of a normal life. According to the findings, 75 to 95% of these disorders are not properly identified in many communities, especially in the vulnerable and poor, and cause long-term suffering to those affected. Given the economic consequences and problems caused by the corona virus epidemic, it is essential that screening and treatment for these individuals in the post-corona period be put on the agenda. The second pillar of this year's slogan is "working together to make a difference." It is clear that an important part of the mentioned cooperation is at the international level. The lifting of oppressive sanctions is the most important cooperation that is expected to take place as soon as possible. At the national level, in accordance with the "Community Mental Health Policy Document" of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, cross-sectorial cooperation to design and implement a comprehensive mental health program in the country, removes many current obstacles and promotes mental health for individuals.

In the end, while thanking from the heart the selfless and unique actions of all health defenders and hardworking factors of the country's health system and congratulating the World Mental Health Day (October 10, coinciding with October 8) and Mental Health Week (October 18 to 24) to All committed psychologists and counselors throughout the country, especially psychologists and counselors in the Welfare Organization (headquarters and provinces) and affiliated units and express appreciation for the compassionate efforts of these loved ones to reduce the suffering of members of society, I hope thanks to God Almighty and with Continuation and establishment of such efforts to witness the stabilization, growth and growth of mental and social health indicators in the country.

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