Allocating necessary fund for training sign language interpreters

The Deputy for Rehabilitation affairs of State Welfare Organization announced that a necessary fund to train sign language interpreters has been considered and they after passing training courses will dispatched around the country .

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs OF SWO, Dr. Mohammad Nafrieh, Deputy for Rehabilitation of State Welfare Organization, announced : "Deaf and hard of hearing people face many problems in their daily lives due to lack of necessary social skills." In many cases, we see that these people have been summoned to courts due to deception and lack of familiarity with social norms, etc., and due to the impossibility of communicating and defending themselves and the lack of an interpreter , they are unable to defend themselves. And they are not protecting their rights.He added: "Also, the optimal use of public services such as educational facilities, studies and referring to many public places, due to the absence of a translator, is done with many problems."Nafrieh pointed to the need to use a sign language interpreter in public centers and said: "Considering the need to use a deaf translator in universities and higher education centers, government offices, judicial authorities and medical centers to facilitate social communication, education, employment and In general, to provide services to the deaf applicants in all parts of the country, the State Welfare Organization  has provided a suitable platform for training and sending specialists in sign language (sign language interpreter). He added: "For this purpose, a credit has been allocated that will be provided to them based on the quota of each province, and this action will pave the way for the social integration of deaf and hard of hearing people and change the society's attitude towards these people."

The Deputy for Rehabilitation of State Welfare Organization called this action of SWO in order to train experts in the field of sign language (interpreter) a step towards the implementation of the Law on Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and said: As much as possible, the emphasis is on social, educational and health services for the deaf.

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