Absolute poverty, Unemployment and Illness of head of household, causes of child labor

Head of state welfare organization, Dr.Ghobadidana, during an interview with IlNA news agency said that Absolute poverty, unemployment and illness of head of the household", are the causes of the child labor in our society.

The head of the state welfare organization, referring to the recruitment and organization of 1,000 working and street children in Tehran, said: "Whenever the employment rate decreases and unemployment increases, the workforce is adjusted in different centers, which causes the loss of family jobs and it causes various social harm.

"Vahid Ghobadi Dana," the head of state welfare organization, in an interview with ILNA news agency, in response to the question that measures have been taken in various governments in the field of social harms, although we see that social harms have not decreased, but appear in different forms has done. Given the emergence of emerging injuries, what is your prediction for the future of social harms? He said: "Several factors affect the issue of social health in society; Factors such as economic, political, cultural, social, and international matters and… in fact in social health are affected by various factors.

Economic issues, employment and unemployment are effective in causing social harm

He continued: "What can affect social health is the foundations and social structures that exist in society, including the family and other institutions that take place in society and form the functions of a developing society." One of the issues that must be considered in reducing social harms is economic issues. Unemployment is one of the issues that certainly affects the occurrence of social harms. A family that is struggling financially to make ends meet, or a family whose caregiver is unable to do a decent job, or whose job is not a stable job and is struggling to make ends meet; it is always vulnerable to damage.

Disappointment is a fatal blow to the social health of any society

The head of state welfare organization, referring to another issue that affects social health, said: "Hope for the future and hope for the improvement of conditions is another influential issue in the field of social health." In a society that has no hope for the future, despair is certainly a deadly blow that can affect various issues in society. The issue of social capital is another very important issue that affects social health. The level of trust of people in society towards each other and towards people who have different responsibilities; it's too important. Loss of trust in people will definitely harm social health, and a decrease in social capital will lead to damage to social health and social harms. Any disturbance in these issues will cause the occurrence and aggravation of social harms, so our society is not a closed society and the factors influencing it will make our predictions come true.

Absolute poverty of the family" is one of the reasons for the presence of working children on the streets

The head of state welfare organization said that if any of these issues are disrupted, we will see damage and sometimes we see that our estimate of the existence of damage is not scientific and accurate and causes us problems. There is the issue of working and street children. If absolute poverty is not eradicated in society and social security conditions are not properly applied to all citizens, children will take to the streets to work. Families who are concerned about their livelihood, employment and basic necessities, as well as families who have been paralyzed by illness, who have been reduced to poverty, and whose children are working on the streets. If the cultural aspects and necessary education for families are not provided scientifically, the family in poverty will find a solution to the problem of exploiting their child; Child labor on the street continues.

Organizing 1000 working and street children in Tehran

Referring to the issue of working and street children as a social harm, the head of state welfare organization said: "We have now increased the number of working and street children from three to eight centers regarding working and street children." These centers are actually child-friendly spaces. Our goal is to have children in the family. These centers are temporary centers and should not be turned into permanent care centers. Children must be in the family and educated. Of course, not all economically disadvantaged families send their children to the streets to earn money.

Ghobadi Dana said that in order to find the root of this issue, it should be looked at from different perspectives. Is. Some families have sent their children to work on the streets due to absolute poverty, some due to the illness of the head of the household, some families have no financial problems and the trafficking of child trafficking gangs and child exploitation has caused them to take to the streets. Their parents were also involved. According to the law, we have received assistance from various agencies, such as the judiciary, the police, and the provincial Security Council, and these actions have been carried out with the participation of all these agencies.

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