93%of boarding and rehabilitation centers vaccinated so far

Mustafa Siraj, Director General for caring centers of SWO during an interview said that regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus in our society near to 93%of boarding and rehabilitation centers vaccinated so far.

Mustafa Siraj, Director General of caring centers of state welfare organization, regarding the latest number of vaccination in rehabilitation centers of state welfare organization said that by the end of August, around 16620 of our target communities in boarding centers including the older persons and people with disabilities will be vaccinated. Mustafa Siraj" added that Regarding the vaccination of other groups, including people with mental and physical disabilities, the chronically ill and the elderly, including clients and staff, the director general of the care centers of the Welfare Organization announced: 61,511 people, i87% of these people received the first dose vaccine and The total number of people receiving the second dose was 47,269, which means that 77% of the recipients of the first dose also received the second dose.

Regarding the vaccination of people with disabilities living in the family, Siraj said: Vaccination of 517 thousand people with severe and very severe disabilities has started in the first half of August, 18 to 58 years old. Despite the request of the Welfare Organization from the Ministry of Health, it has not been announced yet how many of the names of these people who we announced to the Ministry of Health have received the vaccine. Of course, our prediction is that there is no problem Steps to get the vaccine and the problem to refer to helpers and welfare units that have not been reported so far.The director general of the care centers of the Welfare Organization of the country, continued: considering that the information of very bedridden people is among the information of 517 thousand people who have been announced to the Ministry of Health with national number and details, the names of people who have referred to vaccination centers have been announced. Specifies how many people are not able to refer, so by announcing the names of these people, SWO is ready to review the situation of these people as soon as possible and confirm the impossibility of referring to vaccination centers, regarding the dispatch of mobile teams by units under the Ministry of Health and medical universities.

In the end, he reminded: it is predicted that some families will be able to go to the vaccination centers, and considering that the general welfare departments have also been informed that they will have maximum assistance in transporting this group of people, but for a number of people. Despite all these provisions, it is not possible to refer; therefore, in the next step, this information can help us for this group of people, and currently this information is only available to the Ministry of Health, and the Welfare Organization has requested that the latest information be available for 517 thousand people who have referred to vaccination centers.

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