Head of State Welfare Organization released a message

Dr.Vahid Ghobadidana, Head of SWO released a congratulation message.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, the full text of the message is as follows:

Journalists are ambassadors in the field of news and public awareness and reflect the events that, with their penetrating pen and real camera, create a tremendous impact on the eyes and minds of the community and the enlightenment of public opinion. Over the past two years, at the height of the events caused by the coronavirus epidemic and the hardships of cowardly sanctions as a full-blown economic war and in the midst of targeted enemy media campaigns targeting public hope and awareness, it was journalists who provided the information embankment. They kept it accurate, clear and fast and did not let the light of truth go out under the ashes of foreign media attacks. Journalism is a profession of love, sincerity, commitment and risk-taking. Journalists and reporters of these writers and thinkers who do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives to record moments of confrontation between right and wrong have figurative models such as the martyr Mahmoud Saremi. Last year, as in the past, the Welfare Organization of the country did not spare any effort to improve the welfare and livelihood of the target community with the help of its business partners, and fortunately achieved great achievements that reflect these achievements and promising actions by soldiers in the field of news and awareness. It increased social capital in the community and encouraged the dedicated and hard-working staff of this specialized support group. While commemorating the memory of Martyr Saremi and all the martyred and deceased journalists, including the oppressed journalists of the recent tragedy, he congratulated all the journalists who have dedicated themselves to a better Iran with security, progress, freedom and peace. I thank them unceasingly, and compassionately. I ask God Almighty for these dear ones in this difficult, sensitive and responsible path, health and increasing success.
Dr.Vahid Ghobadidana
Head of State Welfare Organization
News Code 41456

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