SWO  is responsible for organizing 1000 vulnerable community

The head of state welfare organization said at the ceremony of launching the executive operation of the joint plan community-based activities of +life centers in vulnerable and marginal areas: "We hope to have an effective step in reducing social harms, especially in 2,020 vulnerable communities. The national division of one thousand neighborhoods is left to welfare.

The head of state welfare organization, stating that with capacity building in more than 2,500 community across the country, we can use this up-to-date, smart, community-based, community-oriented, family-centered and help-oriented container, added: "We hope an effective step in reducing social harms, especially in 2 Let's have 1,020 vulnerable community, which have been assigned to welfare in the national division of 1,000 community. He stated that SWO in the second step of intelligence, community-centered and social health in the family is on the agenda said: almost in the performance report of welfare service centers, these matters have been crystallized and manifested; We hope to take an effective step in reducing social harms and improving the living conditions from a social perspective in vulnerable and marginal areas in cooperation with the Red Crescent, the Relief Committee, the Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini and other colleagues. Ghobadidana continued: the purpose of these activities is to organize; therefore, the people, local people and trustees of the neighborhoods have been used. Also, structural capacity such as mosques, Basij, delegations, NGOs and local activists have been used.
The head of state welfare organization enumerated one of the good measures: monitoring community centered on social harms in neighborhoods and acknowledged: Diversity and difference of social harms as well as protective factors and risk of regions should be done based on local, cultural and geographical conditions and based on this monitoring, the intervention should be timely and effective. He added: "In this capacity building, in the form of organizing 2,500 welfare service centers (+ life), over 13,000 local youth, active and educated in the fields of social sciences, social work and psychology came to work and provide good support to The devices will have and will help in the field of prevention of new injuries and empowerment of families and immunity to deal with emerging and traditional injuries.
In the end, referring to the activities of the Secretariat for Monitoring Social Injuries and Disabilities, which was recently inaugurated in the presence of the Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, the head of state welfare organization said: the single window will see a better movement and leap to reduce harm and promote social health in the family context. The Supreme Leader's concern in this regard can be greatly alleviated.

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