Dr.Ghobadidana released a  congratulation message

On the occasion of National physiotherapy Day Dr.Ghobadidana, Head of SWO released a congratulation message as follows:

Physically handicapped people are the most populous group of people with disabilities whose necessary rehabilitation and rehabilitation measures require accurate identification, evaluation of injuries, functional limitations and compliance of the level of rehabilitation services with their needs and this is achieved with the valuable knowledge and experience of physiotherapists. The physiotherapy profession completes the complex cycle of treatment and rehabilitation performed by patient and specialized physiotherapists to improve the quality of life of the empowered. Appreciating the continuous and effective efforts of physiotherapists working in centers under the management and supervision of state welfare organization who have combined their knowledge and expertise with assistive science to complete the cycle of providing rehabilitation services to people with disabilities, the elderly and temporary sensory and motor patients. Congratulations on the arrival of the second of August, the National Day of Physiotherapy. Naming a day in the calendar of national occasions as Physiotherapy Day, shows the importance and position of this profession in the health system and ensuring the scientific ability and technical skills of physiotherapists in relieving patients' pain and rehabilitation of the disabled.

I wish increasing success to all people with disability who have gained new strength by using the knowledge of physiotherapists and experts.

Vahid Ghobadidana

Deputy Minister and Head of state welfare organization

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