Head of SWO paid a visit from a home care center for children street

On second day of provincial trip of head of SWO to Mashhad,he paid a visit from a temporary care and rehabilitation center for street children in Mashhad

Head of State welfare organization visited the temporary care center for working and street children in Mashhad and talked to the officials of this center and the managers of the social welfare area of Khorasan Razavi about organizing these children. Ghobadidana stressed on the need to create a complete cycle of rehabilitation and empowerment of children and families, and said that all relevant agencies should perform their duties in accordance with the executive regulations of the Child Protection Law, and that agencies that do not perform their duties should be prosecuted by law and the judiciary. Referring to the high number of non-Iranian children among working and street children, she said: "Some of these children, after identifying their families, cross the border into their own country, but unfortunately return after a while."

The head of state welfare organization stressed that children whose collection and families are not identified are considered orphans or abusers. Do not get in trouble.Dr.Ghobadi Dana added: "Afghan donors can also play an important and vital role in empowering the families of these children under the supervision of welfare and with the coordination of consular officials." He also considered the existence of social organizations and non-governmental organizations important in helping in this field and said: the capacity of these organizations should be used to empower and rehabilitate children and their families. The head of the Welfare Organization of Khorasan Razavi and Mashhad mentioned the second rank among street children in the country and said: immigration, the existence of a pilgrimage base and the existence of centers and areas where vulnerable people feel safe, are important factors in this high The rate of working children and other socially disadvantaged.The head of the Welfare Organization also cooperates with the Ministry of Education, Technical Vocational Education, Guidance, Radio and Television, Citizens' Office, Border Guard, Law Enforcement, Municipality and Medical Sciences Universities. Judicially, this cooperation will be realized.

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